About Us

Our Journey to The Jolly Trolley

What is a man from Massachusetts to do when he marries a Louisiana girl who wants to use a trolley for their wedding day transportation? He gladly agrees and they have the most fun filled memorable day. That’s exactly what happened to us, Marc and Erin Pavao, the proud owners of The Jolly Trolley. Little did we know twelve years later we would once again be presented with the chance to create amazing memories with a trolley.

When we moved to Greenville in the Spring of 2019, we knew we wanted to eventually own a business that allowed us to embrace this community as our forever home. A year later that dream became a reality. The moment we discovered the opportunity to own The Jolly Trolley, we knew instantly the chance was made for us. Along with our two children, we are thrilled to have the trolley as a part of our family and are committed to providing lifelong memories for people of North Carolina.

We invite you to explore all the fun The Jolly Trolley has to offer and are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of your memory making experiences.

With gratitude and excitement,
The Pavao Family
Proud owners of The Jolly Trolley